If you are looking for secure, cost effective storage solutions that can meet many needs, a steel storage container is an excellent choice. Shipping containers range in size from 8’ all the way up to 53’. A standard unit is 8’6” tall and 8’ feet wide giving you ample space to pack your goods. The walls and roof are corrugated gauge steel. The floor is 1″ 1/16 plywood with steel cross members every 12 inches. Click here for sizes/types chart.


Uses include:

  • Controlled access to expensive items in a warehouse or shop
  • Portable tool crib for trailer or job site
  • Water containment
  • Oil/fuel storage and containment site
  • Onsite external storage
  • Genset security and storage
  • Motorcycle/quad storage
  • Outdoor privy



We can provide any type of customization you are interested in. Shelves or vents can be added, doors or windows inserted, walls removed, etc… the options are endless. We can convert your container into an office or workshop. Let us know what you are interested in and we can guide you through the process.


Container Grades

All containers are graded as they arrive at The Great Container Company, and are priced to reflect this variance in condition.


New: A new or “one trip” container has been used once for a single shipment to efficiently relocate the unit from the factory to its destination. Most new containers are manufactured with a lock box.


Grade A: A container with minimal exterior rust, straight walls with minor denting and true curvature to the roof bows. The doors will open and close with ease. The floor will be in excellent condition.


Grade B: The container will have exterior denting and may have minor superficial rusting. The walls will be straight and the curvature of the roof bows will probably be true. The doors will open and close with ease. The floor will be in very good condition.


Grade C: The container will have exterior denting and exterior wall or roof rusting. The walls may be straight and denting will be evident. The roof may have weld patches applied by the shipping company. The roof bows may not be true. The doors may be stiff to open and close. The interior may not be clean. The floor will be in very good condition. Usually just one of these conditions will exist to cause it to be rated "C" grade.